LKMA, The Beginning To Create Future Leaders

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Malang – Himaprodi Accounting (HIMAKSI) successfully held Accounting Student Leadership Training (LKMA) on Monday-Saturday December 19-24 2022 in Hall B of the FTI Building, Gajayana University and Villa de Tlekung. This activity is an activity in the form of education and training for new students of the accounting study program.

“LKMA is an extension of the Accounting Student Leadership Training which is usually better known as training which contents such as delivery of material, discussions, quizzes on accounting, and interspersed with games.” Said Dheanita as the chief executive.

Raising the theme Explore the Ability to Build the Spirit of Leadership LKMA is the hope for HIMAKSI to produce members who have the passion and passion to explore skills in building leadership.  LKMA activities are divided into two parts, namely spatial training and field training. The indoor training is held for 2 (two) days from Monday-Tuesday, December 19-20 2022, and the field training lasts for 3 (three) days from Thursday-Saturday, December 22-24 2022.

"The activity went smoothly, of course, because of the hard work of the committee itself, and indeed we used a different concept from previous years. The difference is, this year we are using a money monopoly system for each participant to train their skills in financial management, and we are also using a concept so that we hope to eliminate fearful doctrines regarding education and training.” Definitely Dheanita.

Participated by all new students from the accounting study program, LKMA presents materials that intersect with accounting and leadership, from material on organizational history (HIMAKSI), material from the Indonesian Institute of Accountants (IAI), entrepreneurship, self-analysis, trial techniques, leadership and management organization, organizational ethics and motivation, and organizational management. "These materials will later be used by the participants as the forerunner for them to become administrators in HIMAKSI" added Dheanita.

Having a unique concept, LKMA presents monopoly games where each group will receive cash worth IDR 35,000. - which will be used for group financial management. The money is used for all their activities, such as eating (Rp 5000,-/group), leaving the forum (Rp 2000,-), and cleaning themselves (Rp 2000,-). However, so that the money doesn't just run out, the committee provides income for those who are active in making inquiries of IDR 2,000. Dheanita also explained that, participants are also welcome to pay debts to the committee if necessary with a predetermined time. In addition, participants must also have financial statements for the transactions they have made. This aims to broaden the participants' insights regarding the preparation of financial reports and familiarize them with this pattern as prospective accountants, regardless of the organizational aspect. we got too.” Said Lucky, one of the LKMA participants. (FA)

Transformative Leaders Support the Improvement of Middle School Education Quality

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The research team from Gajayana University (Uniga) presented to the heads of SMP and MTs in Batu City the results of research on Teacher Performance Based on Transformational Leadership Mediated by Organizational Culture and Organizational Commitment.

This research took a sample of junior high school teachers in Greater Malang. This Research Funding is a Scientific Research grant from the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP).

The research team consisted of three people, namely Dr. Drs Sugeng Mulyono MM, Prof. Dr. Ernani Hadiati SE. MS and Risa Juliadila SPsi, MPsi and several students. The purpose of this research is to describe transformational leadership, organizational culture, organizational commitment and teacher performance.

In addition, this research also aims to examine and analyze the influence of transformational leadership, organizational culture, organizational commitment, both directly or indirectly on teacher performance.

"We disseminate the results of this research to stakeholders in collaboration with the Batu City Education Office so that there are benefits for SMP and MTs managers. Those who attended were SMP and MTs principals," explained Sugeng Mulyono.
Remarks from the Head of the Batu City Education Office, represented by the Head of Junior High School Guidance, Mr. Drs Hariadi emphasized that this dissemination could be benefited by school principals in their efforts encourage the optimization of teacher performance so that the quality of junior high school education in Batu City will increase.

Meanwhile the head of the research team Sugeng Mulyono explained, transformational leadership is an alternative leadership style that can be used as a way to optimize teacher performance, strengthen organizational culture and organizational commitment, because the leader becomes a role model and stimulates the intellectuals of those who are led, so according to the researcher's opinion this can be used as a pattern for leading teachers in order to improve their performance.

"Indeed, there are various leadership styles, but we chose transformational because it was based on the assumption that this model is suitable for teachers," he explained.

A school principal must have a strong and clear vision and mission. So, up to the lower level will really understand. In addition, a school principal must also act as a good example.

This research involved 128 respondents from junior high school teachers in Malang Raya whose sampling pattern used multistage random sampling. 
"The data is random, so you don't know which schools, both public and private," he said.

The results of the study recommend that to improve or optimize teacher performance, strengthen organizational culture and commitment, it is necessary to have consistency in the implementation of school principals' transformational leadership. In addition, maintaining cohesiveness and teamwork as the dominant values ​​of organizational culture needs to be strengthened in schools so that teacher performance increases.

"The hope is that research results are not just read, but implemented. If only for publication Articles in scientific journals usually only stop as knowledge. But if it is directly informed to users it can be used as a reference for improving governance. So we are trying to get into the perpetrators," he concluded.

LKMM 2022 – A New Beginning of the Strength of Hima Study Program in Management

- Indonesia

Malang – LKMM, Management Student Leadership Training is an Education and Training that first year students must receive before stepping into the world of departmental student associations. Specifically for new students in the Management study program. This year's LKMM which was organized by Himaprodi Management received very high enthusiasm from all the participants.

LKMM 2022 which carries the theme "Building a Spirit of Leadership and Building an Ethics of Leadership in the Organization" was held on 14-18 December 2022. Many the agenda is designed, not only in the form of written material to increase knowledge, games and debates are also carried out to improve the cooperative attitude and critical thinking of its members.

Providing material in the room training in Hall B of the FTI Building, Gajayana University Malang (Dec 14-15) provided supplies and knowledge for LKMM participants. A variety of knowledge about history from the student association of the department that overshadows them-Himaprodi Management, Management and Organizational Leadership (KMO), administrative basics in Administrative Training, as well as the concept of trials.

The LKMM agenda was continued with field training which held at Villa Virgo, Songgoriti, Batu on 17-18 December 2022. In this second agenda, LKMM participants were given a variety of cooperative games. Starting from the water relay, flour relay, charades, to guess the style. Furthermore, the participants were divided into groups on debate activities regarding moving the capital of the Republic of Indonesia and the importance of participating in internal organizations on campus. This debate was chaired directly by the Chairperson of Himaprodi Management, Ridho Gusti Mahendra.  In the evening, the participants were given the opportunity to show their talents on the inauguration night. The participants presented a variety of amazing performances such as singing, continuous rhymes, modern and traditional dance, and musical poetry. Here, they also refreshed their knowledge regarding the material given in the previous room training.

“This year's LKMM feels nano-nano, there is joy, emotion, it's also really exciting to get it. Hopefully next year LKMM can be even better, the committee can also improve its communication to avoid miscommunication," said Yola, one of the LKMM 2022 committee members. (ADK)