LKMM 2022 – A New Beginning of the Strength of Hima Study Program in Management

- Indonesia

Malang – LKMM, Management Student Leadership Training is an Education and Training that first year students must receive before stepping into the world of departmental student associations. Specifically for new students in the Management study program. This year's LKMM which was organized by Himaprodi Management received very high enthusiasm from all the participants.

LKMM 2022 which carries the theme "Building a Spirit of Leadership and Building an Ethics of Leadership in the Organization" was held on 14-18 December 2022. Many the agenda is designed, not only in the form of written material to increase knowledge, games and debates are also carried out to improve the cooperative attitude and critical thinking of its members.

Providing material in the room training in Hall B of the FTI Building, Gajayana University Malang (Dec 14-15) provided supplies and knowledge for LKMM participants. A variety of knowledge about history from the student association of the department that overshadows them-Himaprodi Management, Management and Organizational Leadership (KMO), administrative basics in Administrative Training, as well as the concept of trials.

The LKMM agenda was continued with field training which held at Villa Virgo, Songgoriti, Batu on 17-18 December 2022. In this second agenda, LKMM participants were given a variety of cooperative games. Starting from the water relay, flour relay, charades, to guess the style. Furthermore, the participants were divided into groups on debate activities regarding moving the capital of the Republic of Indonesia and the importance of participating in internal organizations on campus. This debate was chaired directly by the Chairperson of Himaprodi Management, Ridho Gusti Mahendra.  In the evening, the participants were given the opportunity to show their talents on the inauguration night. The participants presented a variety of amazing performances such as singing, continuous rhymes, modern and traditional dance, and musical poetry. Here, they also refreshed their knowledge regarding the material given in the previous room training.

“This year's LKMM feels nano-nano, there is joy, emotion, it's also really exciting to get it. Hopefully next year LKMM can be even better, the committee can also improve its communication to avoid miscommunication," said Yola, one of the LKMM 2022 committee members. (ADK)

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